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Oatey introduces MODA Modular
Box System.
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Fluidmaster adds a new line of 
Universal tank levers "Perfect Fit"
Fernco is proud to introduce the new HULK Coupling - a Universal Sewer and Drain Repair Coupling


​R.D. Kincaide is now the representative in northern California & Nevada for the Zilmet line of expansion, well & thermal tanks. Local Benicia inventory coming soon!

The new Fluidmaster® PRO45H PRO Fill Valve with Tank and Bowl Water Level Control helps newer, 1.28 gpf and lower flow toilets flush efficiently.
Fill Valve Replacement Tips with Fluidmaster PRO45H
R.D. Kincaide has been appointed as the Northern California & Nevada Representative for GroovJoint, a manufacturer of Grooved Fittings & Couplings.
R.D. Kincaide is the new northern California & Nevada representative for Tigre & Dura covering the plumbing and irrigation markets.
Oatey's new Universal Freestanding Tub Drain removes the guesswork and complexity from installing freestanding or island tubs.